Tech Requirements

Tech Requirements

For students to benefit from and participate in University-Level Online courses, they must meet the following technology requirements.

Internet Connection

The live sessions use the Adobe Connect platform (see below) and require a reliable broadband Internet connection that is robust enough to handle video conferencing with minimal difficulties. All live sessions are recorded and can be viewed afterwards. As long as your internet connection can support viewing YouTube videos, you can proceed through the course. If you are unable to access YouTube, however, certain materials (e.g. lectures) may not be available.

Email Communication

Please make sure that the email you use to submit your application will be the one you use to communicate with University-Level Online.
Also please note that we have had a high percentage of outgoing email blocked by Hotmail/MSN. There is not a set pattern to these blocks, some emails get through while others do not. Even replies to messages are sometimes blocked. Stanford University has escalated this issue through their Microsoft support representatives, but unfortunately that has not resulted in any appreciable improvement in the situation. We recommend that students who have a Hotmail account create an email address with an alternative provider for ULO communication.



There are no specific computer requirements in terms of hardware specifications for University-Level Online courses. In general, any mid-range desktop or laptop computer purchased within the last two years should be sufficient for running course software, participating in our virtual classrooms, etc.

We don’t recommend the use of tablets or mobile phones in synchronous class sessions at this time due to the small size of the devices and the lack of support for Java and Flash. There are also technical limitations that can cause tablets and smartphones to be disruptive to live classes. Tablets and mobile phones can be used to view the core curriculum materials, lectures and recordings of past live sessions

Webcam & Microphone

To participate in the live sessions, students are required to have both a webcam and microphone. These can be built into the computer or an external webcam and microphone/headset that are compatible with the computer. Students are required to ensure that their webcam and microphone are functional and available for use in our virtual classroom environment.


Students must be able to submit written work as a single PDF file. This can be done either with a multi-page scanner or by using software that will combine several scanned images into a single PDF file.


Operating System

Students are required to have a computer with a recent version of Windows (7 or higher) or Mac (10.7 or higher) installed for attending live classes.


The openEdX platform should be run with either Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Internet Explorer is known not to work well with openEdX. Your browser needs to have the most current Java platform, as well as the ability to view Flash (.swf files) and Quicktime video. 
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Students are required to have the current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free. Students are required to open PDF files and complete, save, and submit PDF forms.

Get Adobe Reader

We only recommend and support Acrobat Reader. Some students prefer to use other applications to view PDF files (Preview, etc.) While many of these applications are able to read PDFs and complete PDF forms, we have had problems in the past with opening files and readability.

Our Systems

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is our virtual classroom, where students participate in discussion sessions with their instructors and peers. Instructor office hours are also held in Adobe Connect.


PowerSchool is our student information system, which houses all student grade information.

Stanford Online

Stanford Online is the portal where core course materials are hosted.