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Financial Aid

There is limited financial aid available for the University-Level Online program. This aid will be offered in the form of partial and full scholarships for a single course per term, books not included. Aid is granted based upon need, as well as other factors including merit. Members of traditionally underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply. Aid is not offered to adult applicants (18 years or older).

Need-based Financial Aid

Financial Aid Scholarship awards are determined by family need and are intended to assist students who would not otherwise be able to participate in the University-Level Online (ULO) program. Partial scholarships are by far the most common type of scholarship awarded to those admitted to the program. (*)

(*) Scholarships are determined by ULO based on internal policies which are not the same as those used by the university in calculating student financial aid packages. An applicant's scholarship information is retained by ULO and won't be shared with Stanford University or any outside party.

Financial Aid Eligibility

To be eligible for a financial aid scholarship, students must complete the University-Level Online application and indicate that they wish to apply for financial aid. Application fee waivers are available and can be requested by email at

Students would be required to submit supporting documentation such as their family’s tax returns from the previous year. (U.S. Federal (1040) tax returns are appropriate documentation for domestic students. International students should provide proof of year-end family earnings in the form of a tax return required by your country of residence.) Specific information about required documentation is available in the application. We reserve the right to request further documentation regarding family income, as needed. All financial information is confidential.

Financial Aid Determination

The University-Level Online Program will make financial aid determinations after the posted term application deadline, continuing until all funds have been depleted. Only applications received before the term deadline will be considered for financial aid. It is suggested that students who require a scholarship complete their applications early.

If admitted to the program, students should carefully review their admissions offers. The awards are time sensitive and must be accepted within the timeframe stated in the formal offer.

Aid decisions are evaluated each term—aid granted in one term does not guarantee it will be granted for later terms. Aid could be awarded for no more than one course per semester.

Important notes:

  • Applications requesting financial aid must be received by the application deadline. (see Applications received after the deadline will be evaluated for admission, but without aid.
  • Aid is awarded on a term-by-term basis. There is no guarantee of continuing aid after an initial term where aid has been provided.
  • Aid could be awarded for one course only.