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Our courses are offered year-round. Applications are open for all our terms during the next year.

If you are applying on your own, without the aid of your school, district, or program

  • For first-time applicants you will be required to submit a transcript (unofficial is ok) demonstrating satisfactory completion of prerequisite courses
  • For returning students, there is an abbreviated application.  Be sure to select "continuing student" on the drop-down selection.
  • For certain courses a letter of recommendation is required, these need to be in the area of study that you are applying to.
  • You may apply for Financial Aid during the application process. You will be asked for certain financial documents (see the Financial Aid page for details).
  • Once you have submitted your application and registration fee, you will hear through the CollegeNet, AppleWeb system of our decision. After which you will need to submit a decision, if accepting submission of tuition will be requested at that time.
  • You will also be asked to request a Stanford network ID (SUNet ID) if you have not done so before. Once your admission is completed, your SUNet ID will be sponsored by SPCS.

If your school or district will be submitting tuition for your course

Check with your school or district for approval. The school, or district, should be in touch with the University-Level Online director.
You should contact University-Level Online prior to filling out the application to obtain a registration fee waiver code, along with information about your school's contact information.

  • You should have a copy of an (unofficial) transcript. If your school has approved you taking this course, the letter of recommendation is waived. Make sure to use the student's email within the application as this will be used to access course materials.
  • In the personal statement segment of the application, please include which school, district, or organization will be submitting payment and, if possible, provide contact information.
  • Once your application is received, Stanford and your school will handle administrative details (or you will be asked to provide contact information).
  • A week or two prior to the start of the term, you will receive an email pointing to the decision letter. At this time you should return to the site where there are two tasks to perform. First, is to accept the decision, and the second is to request a Stanford network ID (SUNet ID) if you have not done so before. You should receive emails when you are added to the Stanford Online platform and Adobe Connect.
  • Your instructor will send an introductory email, with further information, just prior to the start of the term.

If there are any issues during this application process, please contact the University-Level Online Director (  If you want more information about dates, tuition or courses, please refer to the About section of this website.