Students are required to purchase required texts. To assist with availability and cost, most courses allow various editions to be used. In addition, some courses allow alternative texts. The desired goal is to end reliance on expensive textbooks. Here we list the titles and authors for entry-level courses (more details are available once enrolled).
XM452 Number Theory An Introduction to Number Theory Stark  
XM511 Linear Algebra Linear Algebra Bronson  
XM521 Multivariable Differential Calculus
XM522 Multivariable Integral Calculus
Calculus; A New Horizon   6th-9th (vol 3)
XM531 Differential Equations Elementary Differential Equations Boyce and DiPrima 6th or later
XM606 Complex Analysis Complex Variables and Applications Brown and Churchill 6th
XM609 Modern Algebra Modern Algebra and Applications Gilbert  
XM615 Real Analysis Elementary Analysis: The Theory of Calculus K. Ross  
XP645 Light and Heat Physics; For Scientists and Engineers
OR Fundamentals of Physics
OR others upon instructor consent
P. Tipler
R. Knight
Halliday, Resnick
5th, 6th
7th or later
XP670 Modern Physics Spacetime Physics
Quantum Mechanics
Six Quantum Pieces
J. Wheeler, E. Taylor
L. Susskind
V. Scarani
XP710 Intermediate Mechanics I
XP711 Intermediate Mechanics II
Classical Dynamics; Of Particles and Systems S. Thornton, J. Marion 4th or later